Peter Scala
"The compositions
are satisfying in
proportion and
witty, challenging,
and provocative
in content."
The Island
Columbo, Sri Lanka
April 7, 1993

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My artwork is witty, challenging and provocative in content. It is stimulating viewing. Muse a little, free your mind from the conventional calibration of line, angle and proportion. Adopt an alternative point of view.  — Peter Scala

blue $2900
Trailing $2900
Yellow Eyes $2900
There was a Humming Bird $2700
Ode To A Radish $2900
Scent $2900
The Letter $2700
Drifting $2900
Lost In Still Streets $2700
Fancy Lady With Eggs $2700
Street Crossing $3300
Lavendar Lady $1620
The Window $1200
Having Fun $1620
African Rain $1400
Plucked $720
Resting $430
Having Fun $1620
A Gaze Blank and Pitless as the Sun $1150
Thinking $520
Where To? $1620
La Chev're $1080

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Depending on the computer, my colors may not appear as vibrant as they are. If you would like a CD.Rom or photos sent, I can do that. Please click CONTACT to send your message and include telephone contact.


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