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"Again in Village Scene, by Peter Scala of the fourth grade, also the son of a professional artist, the feeling of color is outstanding, as is the composition which appears to be far beyond the tender years of the artist."

Greenwich Village Chatter


Media Coverage

Carolina Arts Unleashed
Tom Starland, Editor/Publisher of Carolina Arts

"...festival goer looking for art offering will find a taste of that old world or better yet, worldly art, at the Saul Alexander Foundation Gallery at the Main Branch of the Charleston county Public downtown charleston. the exhibit "Fantasy", features works by local artist,Peter Scala...

"Scala... a self-taught surrealist painter, who was influenced by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro. He was raised in Greenwich Village, in New York City, where his father Victor Scala was a cubist artist. His father shared studio space with the abstract expressionist, Franz Kline. Peter also credits his early interest in art with classes spent with Margot A. Gregor. Between 1981 and 2002, Peter Scala traveled, lived and painted in some of the world's most exotic locals in Africa and Asia including Zanzibar, Tanzania, Djibouti, Sir Lanka, bangladesh, Angola, and Calcutta, India.

If you're looking for something different - this show delivers..."

Featured Artist: Peter Scala
The Gallery Guide, Charleston SC

“While the influence of Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Klee and other modernist masters is clear, his creative energy and forceful imagination are very much his own. Peter starts each day with spontaneous sketches or doodles and he has accumulated thousands of them. His finished paintings are often elaborations of one or another of these impulsive seeds. Titles he has added hit broadly at the nature of the individual painting they describe and reflect the wit that permeates his work…a sophisticate with a body of work full of humor and pain. No one else in contemporary Charleston’s artistic circles is painting with such a nimble imagination and sure professional touch”
- Denny Stiles

Hatfield 2 fine Art Gallery...Features surreal Works by
Peter Scala

Carolina Arts

"As with the majority of Scala's work, his titles lead the viewer back to the painting time and again to ponder and think; to follow the story line and interpret his work as you see it... Always thought provoking, Scala's work invites you to spend time looking at his work; to think and follow the lines and figure through the painting... Before moving to the charleston area 5 years ago, Scala lived and painted in Asia and Africa. Accompanying his wife, Pat, who worked for an international organization, Scala developed his egg tempera technique. He often tells the story that after having difficulty finding eggs during their two years in Zanzibar resulted in their only criteria for future postings was the availability of fresh eggs..."

Post and Courier, Preview, Charleston, SC

“Peter Scala, surrealist artist, will have a solo exhibition titled “My Mind Projected on a Flat Surface”... will open his studio to local art students this month with an event funded (by)the Lowcountry Quarterly Arts Grant program….The solo exhibit at the Hatfield 2 Gallery…featuring six completed during the grant period.”

Art by the Harbor
The Post and Courier, Charleston SC
Dottie Ashley

"A 20-year retrospective of Peter Scala's surrealist-style paintings is on exhibit for the first time in the United States... The artist explains that he does not seek out subjects but finds them by a happy accident or experience. He points out that his artwork requires study in order to find the human component. Scala paints in an ancient medium of egg tempera on gesso panel...His motivation to work in this medium was influenced by a visit to Siena, Italy, where he studied 13th century tempera panels…"

The Island
Alison Humphrey, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Scala’s semi-abstract paintings have a dreamlike quality...The compositions are satisfying in proportion and witty, challenging and provocative in content."

News (all from Carolina Arts Unleashed)

“…There were a number of new people with works in the show this year and a lot of the same people. I was glad to see Peter Scala had work in the Oils category. He won 2nd Place in Oils. His style does stand out from a lot of artists and I was glad to see that the judge agreed with my taste in art.”,Tom Starland, Carolina Arts Unleashed; A Trip to the 2012 North Charleston Arts Festival in North Charleston, SC.

“…Scala has traveled extensively throughout Africa and Asia; which is a firm inspiration in many of his paintings. In this array called, Ramblings, Scala renders his paintings in egg tempera and oil paints, delicately applying multiple layers of color, resulting in a chatoyant and dream-like display.”, Carolina Arts Unleashed, September, 2011.

“Scala’s work is not typical to the Charleston area. Back in June of 2009 in a blog posting I did about an exhibit he had at the Charleston County Public Library I referenced his work as – a taste of old world modern art…”, Tom Starland, Carolina Arts Unleashed; First Park Circle Studio and House Tour, 2010.

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