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Personal Statement of Philosophy of Work

Peter Scala begins each day with a pen and ink sketch in his journal. He started his daily diary of extemporaneous sketches in 1994 on the balcony of the Taj Hotel in colombo, Sri Lanka. He was waiting with his wife Pat for a taxi to the airport. they were traveling to their next home in Djibouti, a French speaking country in the Horn of Africa.

Scala traveled for over 20 years living and painting in Asia and Africa. Artist studios were established in Calcutta, Zanzibar, Bangladesh, Sir Lanka (Ceylon), Djibouti, Kenya, and Angola. His studio is now nicely placed in a 1915 arts and craft house in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Artist Peter Scala

Scala was born in Greenwich Village and raised in a Hudson Street artist’s studio, where his father, Victor Scala, work as a NY cubist artist. Studio space was shared with the abstract expressionist, Franz Kline. It is to his father, art classes with Mrs. Margot A. Gregor at New York City PS 41, and Frank Kline that he owes his commitment to art and painting.

Scala is a surrealist painter working in egg tempera and oil. "I paint what I feel. I do not paint what I see" is how Scala explains his method. Living in Asia and Africa considerably influenced his work. Also, when viewing his work, as did his time spent studying the works of Picasso and Miró.

Returning to the United Stated in 2002, he began painting in oil as well as egg tempera. Oil. The painter as conductor. The brush his baton. Swirl, dab, glaze, blend, hatch. Step back and study. he enjoys studying his work finished and in progress - a learning experience. then, he may add a dot of bright color. Perfect!

- Peter Scala


Resuména, Italy. during the following years, he continued to refine his proficiency in the medium.m
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